What People Are Saying About Brookfield Christian School

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“WE ARE THANKFUL for the foundation of faith that BCS adds to what we are striving to teach and train at home.  We are pleased with the academics, the focus on service and leadership, and the spirit of excellence in which things are done at the school.”  — a current BCS parent

“[BCS HAS] AN EXCELLENT, CARING STAFF…and a loving, friendly, accepting environment.” — a current BCS parent

“BCS DEVELOPS the full child; the spirit, mind and body… It is an incubator of well-prepared and well-equipped citizens in the kingdom of God.” — a current BCS parent

“[BROOKFIELD CHRISTIAN SCHOOL] IS A Christ-centered atmosphere for educating our children with encouragement and kindness.  It is…a Christian community, not just a school.  We feel that the parents, staff and students are like family to us.” — a current BCS parent

“THE TEACHERS [AT BROOKFIELD CHRISTIAN SCHOOL]…their work ethic, and their Christian love for their students is perhaps the greatest strength of BCS.” — a BCS parent

“BCS HAS PROVIDED both [of our children] a well-rounded education that nurtured their faith in  God-centered environment.” — current BCS Middle School parent

“[BROOKFIELD CHRISTIAN SCHOOL] GIVES an outstanding Christian foundation along with exemplary academics.” — current BCS elementary parent

“[BROOKFIELD CHRISTIAN SCHOOL]  initially drew us in because of the quality kids and families [we] came into contact with from BCS… BCS continues to produce kids that lead academically, socially and spiritually as they move on to high school. This continues to be one of the main reasons we send our children to BCS.” — current BCS parent

“THE BCS STAFF ARE wonderful and caring. My son is thriving at BCS! Great community atmosphere, people really care about all the students, faculty, and parents!” — current BCS parent

“THE THING I LOVE THE MOST about being a teacher and counselor at BCS for so many years is watching former students grow up and make a difference as a Christian man or woman in God’s world.  Recently, a young man who was a true challenge in middle school returned to do a chapel for us.  His testimony of how God has changed his life was truly inspirational for the staff as well as the current students.  Many students return to BCS from time to time and tell us how God has led them on the path of their lives.  Another thing I love to listen to are  all the countless funny stories that former students love to tell about their years at MCS or BCS.  They have great love for the teachers here and enjoy telling all the entertaining and endearing stories of what took place during their years at MCS/BCS.  They never get tired of telling those stories, which usually end with ‘that was the best!’” — Laurie Smith, BCS Teacher & Counselor

“THE TEACHERS AT BCS are amazing… I know my children are loved at BCS.” — current BCS parent

“WE MOVED HERE from California, and enrolled at BCS upon the recommendation of a family member.  We started to meet new families once we attended fellowship events like the back-to-school picnic and soup supper.  After awhile I got plugged into volunteer work at school and joined the Circle board.  The more time I get to spend at school and school events, the more thankful I become for such a Godly environment for my children to be learning in.” — Julie Behling, BCS parent

“WHEN WE MOVED TO Brookfield, we found in BCS a solid Christian school with the academics we wanted and a nurturing environment that made our family feel immediately welcome.” — the Baas family

“WE BELIEVE IN THE VALUE OF a Christian perspective in all aspects of our children’s education. We also knew and accepted the personal sacrifices of a Christian education, and were happy to find a wonderful extended “family” of support at BCS—teachers, parents and so many others in the school society. What we were surprised to find was not just a good education, but a truly superior education. Christ has worked through the BCS teachers to instill in our children a desire to learn and the tools to be successful. Our two oldest have thrived in a competitive high school atmosphere and our oldest is attending a quality university on an academic scholarship. What a great combination-a Christ-centered education with academic excellence!” — the Deb & Dewey Otten family

“EVEN IF YOUR CHILD IS JUST BEGINNING school, we’d strongly encourage you to ask local high school teachers and administrators what they think of BCS students. All five of our children have been blessed to attend BCS from pre-k all the way to graduation. Once I was attending a high school parent-teacher conference with our daughter’s Advanced Calculus teacher. He commented that his current class had an unusual number of exceptional students. When he listed a handful of names, each and every one was a BCS graduate. We hear similar stories about our kids’ friends who attend other high schools. Of course, at BCS you’ll get the spiritual foundation that is the main reason to attend a Christian school. But if you have any doubts about the academic preparation your child will receive from BCS’s incredible staff, you need only look at the kind of people that are walking out the door on graduation day.” — the Du Mez family

“OUR CHILDREN’S GROWTH (academic, spiritual, social and emotional) has always been of great importance to us. We wanted all 5 of our children to be exposed to the best education possible, while encouraging the Christian morals and values that are so important to us. After a couple years of homeschooling, we prayerfully considered putting the children into school. It took us less than a year in the public schools to realize that the worldly pull and academic mediocrity was much stronger than we wanted our children to be exposed to. We then visited 3-4 different private schools in the area. BCS stood out because of the strong educational and social aspects it had to offer, along with sports and music programs. The daily Christian walk at BCS and strong parental involvement have created a family environment that differentiated BCS from the other private Christian schools. We are thankful to be here and to pass a Christian heritage onto our children. We feel this is a great investment in their future and ours.” — the Paul Behling family

“AS WE BEGAN TO EXPLORE schools for our oldest daughter, we realized many roads could lead to a quality education. At the time we didn’t understand, but we felt there was more to it than academics. Now we know. In three years, we have watched our daughter grow by leaps and bounds—not only in book knowledge, but in her ability to relate her learning and life experiences to the Creator of them all! We are grateful to be part of a school community that continually reinforces to our children that God’s fingerprints are not only in the big things, but also in the day-to-day. That’s the difference we were looking for!” — the Cahalane family

“WE REALLY FELT GOD LED US to Brookfield Christian School. Our parish school was full when we were looking for a school for our 1st grader. A friend suggested we look at BCS and we loved what we saw! We thought we’d only be here one year—we now have two BCS graduates and two children that are current students. Our children have really grown in their faith and have received a top-notch education at BCS.” — the Horne family

“EACH YEAR I LOOK FORWARD TO welcoming students from Brookfield Christian School into the Milwaukee Lutheran High School family. Our teaching staff finds them to be exceptionally well prepared for high school academically and spiritually. I have had the privilege of getting to know many of them and their families personally and I can honestly say I wish each of them would come our way. They are a fantastic fit for our ministry to young people!” — Paul M. Bahr, Former Principal—Milwaukee Lutheran High School

“THERE IS A SPECIAL BOND and continuity at BCS. As a graduate of the school, I am thrilled that my children are learning from some of the same teachers who taught me. Fellow classmates of mine are now grown and are sending their children there as well, some in the same grade as my own.  Previous classmates of mine are now teachers there as well. I hold this school in such high regard, not only for the faith-based, excellent education it provided me and provides my children, but because there is such a sense of family and belonging that you don’t find anywhere else. I cannot imagine my children attending any other school.” — Glen Blok, Jr., alumnus

“AS AN ALUMNUS OF BCS I have experienced the benefits of Christian education. BCS was a haven for me growing up. There was always a sense of family and community at the school. I feel privileged to have been a teacher at BCS, and joyful that I helped parents shape their children by being an extension of God’s love and grace. My husband and I are also youth group leaders and have heard from high schools how the kids from BCS really stand out through their faith, academics, musical and athletic talent. It is awesome to see how the nurturing of children’s faith in our small school allows them to blossom into leaders at their high schools. As a parent I feel even more passionate about giving my children the blessing of a Christian education at Brookfield Christian School.” — Tammy Bremer,  alumna, parent and teacher at BCS

“AFTER LEAVING BCS we learned just what a privilege it was to have been there. Our daughters went to a new school, and a very good school, in Michigan, and found themselves well ahead of their classes. Our daughter also made a Profession of Faith last year. We suspect that BCS had a role to play in this as well.” — the Van Til family