At Brookfield Christian School, Spanish is taught beginning in Kindergarten.  In grades K through five, students become accustomed to basic Spanish greetings and conversations, numbers, colors, likes and dislikes, foods, animals, sports and recreational activities, and many other useful words and phrases. In addition, students learn and experience Spanish culture beginning in grade one and continuing throughout their BCS education.

Students learn a variety of songs and games that originated in Spanish speaking countries. Scripture verses and Bible stories are also taught in Spanish. The focus at these grade levels is on using the language.

Beginning in sixth grade, emphasis is placed on listening and speaking, reading and writing. Spanish praise and worship is incorporated into class. Students learn scripture verses, praise songs and other vocabulary necessary to worship the Lord in Spanish. By the time the students are through eighth grade, they are well-prepared to enter Spanish II in high school.


Meet our Teacher:
Ms. Melissa Goorhouse