Mr. Mike Buteyn

Seventh Grade Homeroom, Middle School English, Literature

Mike Buteyn came to BCS in 2005 to teach middle school English and Literature. He likes “getting a chance to work with the students at this age when they are really figuring out who they are going to be as they transition and grow up. I think that it is such a great thing to be a part of this growth.”

Mike loves teaching Literature because “I can never get bored with it. There are so many different genres and storylines and characters that you always have something new that you can explore.” As for English he says, “I really like the writing aspect of it. Grammar is the base that is neccessary, but I really like how writing allows each person to address a topic or an assignment in a uniquely different way. I could give each student the exact same topic and guidelines and each paper would come back totally different.”

Mr. Buteyn was born in Rochester, NY, and lived in Sheboygan, WI until the age of 8. He then lived in Zeeland, MI, where his family is still settled. Mike attended Christian schools all his life: K-2 at Sheboygan Christian, 3-8 at Zeeland Christian, and High School at Holland Christian. He majored in English and Elementary Education, and minored in History at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. Mike attends Brookfield Christian Reformed Church, and in his spare time enjoys running, basketball, playing the violin and guitar, and reading.

Mr. Buteyn’s Mission Statement

“As a Christian teacher, it is important to me that I keep Christ at the center of everything as I work with God’s children everyday. I Chronicles 16:11 says, ‘Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.’ Having God as a focal point helps me as I plan out the lessons that I will teach each day.

Being a middle school teacher affords me the unique opportunity to work with kids as they are beginning to figure out and explore the gifts that God has given to each of them. It is great to see each student taking advantage of the chances that they have to use these gifts to contribute to the community of believers that Brookfield Christian School is.

God is at the forefront of everything that we study throughout the year. By studying themes and character traits in the books that we read in Literature, I am able to help the students as they develop the ability to discern which aspects of the text are positive and negative in regard to the way that God wants us as Christians to live our lives.

Writing gives us the opportunity to not only think about the importance of God in all aspects of the world, but also to express these thoughts. Whether the students are exploring the differences in Christian Perspective between two songs in a compare/contrast essay or writing about God’s role in their life, writing about God’s presence is something that is unavoidable when we keep ourselves God centered.

It is a great task to prepare young people for the world that they will encounter when they leave BCS. It is a good feeling to know that this task is one that does not fall solely on my shoulders. Being a part of a solid Christian staff and community gives a great support system as we all work to accomplish the same goal of developing young people who will leave BCS as solid and developing Christians first and foremost.

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