the Jeninga family

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“When our oldest child was completing 1st grade, we asked her if she was excited to be going to second grade.  She said she was, but that she was also a little sad.  We asked why, and her response was that Mrs. Hofman made school fun.  As parents, we couldn’t have asked for a better report card for my child’s school.  Mrs. Hofman has since retired, but we feel the same can be said of all the teachers at BCS.  Our three children that have (still are) attending BCS have grown up loving to learn, loving school, and most importantly, learning to know and love Jesus Christ.  We have seen countless examples of how God is using BCS to teach children to grow up to be His disciples in the wider world.  We have two in high school now, and we can’t imagine them having been better prepared for the next level.”

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