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Our School Runs on Volunteer Power

Posted on: May 18th, 2014

On any given day at Brookfield Christian School, at just about any time of the day, you’ll find volunteers doing SOMETHING to help our school.  You might see any one of the following activities taking place:

  • A parent or grandparent who has clipped box tops or Campbell’s labels from their food items placing them into the collection boxes

  • A parent updating a bulletin board or post fliers for an upcoming event

  • A group of parents praying for our students and our school

  • Volunteers cutting out items or laminating things for a teacher

  • Someone entering in SCRIP orders or manning the SCRIP table

  • Someone coming in to prep the cafeteria for hot lunch, serve our wonderful noisy students with a smile, and then clean up after them

  • A team meeting to plan an event like the Soup Supper, Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, Restaurant Nights, or our 50th celebration

  • Committee members stopping in to process payroll for our staff, interview new families, or attend meetings

  • Coaches running a practice for volleyball or basketball or track

  • Volunteers serving in our school library to help kids check out books and shelving and repairing books

  • Parents coming to school on Work Day to repair something, plant some new plants in the planters outside of school, pull some weeds, or spread some mulch

  • A parent making calls and sending emails to recruit baked goods and helpers for an event, coordinating a meal schedule for another parent who just had a baby, setting up a sign-up for an event, counting and clipping labels and box tops, or scheduling the next restaurant night

  • Another parent calling their mentor family to see how things are going and invite them for a play date

Wow, right?  And we’ve most certainly left something out of this list.  We give thanks every day for the amazing community of supporters who give so generously of their time to make BCS a great school community.   Our school thrives because of parent involvement.  If you haven’t already taken the opportunity to jump in and help out, we encourage you to take the leap today.  Volunteering is a two-way blessing.  Not only does it directly benefit our students and teachers, but it helps connect people and make our community even stronger.

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