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Dear Middle Schoolers: Advice From Our Grads

Posted on: June 2nd, 2016

Advice to Middle Schoolers

As the school year comes to a close,  our 8th graders will walk across the the stage and join more than 500 alumni of Brookfield Christian School.  We asked some of our recent grads, those already in the “battlefields” of high school, to offer up words of wisdom for our middle school students and soon to be freshmen as they prepare for high school and beyond.


Be organized. Pay attention in class. Always take notes. Listen the first time.

Pay attention in algebra, listen to your teachers.

Take your time for assignments, and be neat. Be punctual in handing in assignments and write them in an assignment notebook because you will definitely need to in high school. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you are struggling, don’t be afraid to ask your teacher(s) for help.

Focus on your studies and try hard, because you’ll probably use it in high school at some point.

Really give it your all and try hard. Keep organized and do your homework. Remember to bring your things to class, and really put out effort. When you get to high school, and you already did all that at BCS, it just comes easier, because you will already know how to really do your best.

Try to get into the more advanced classes even if it means there will be more work. Do all of your homework on time and create good relationships with your teachers.


Get involved in clubs and sports and, in high school, put yourself out there.

Be social and talk to people in high school.

DO SPORTS OR EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES!!!!!! This definitely helps with being more social and meeting more people. Also make sure you look at different classes because there are so many more options and electives that are open to you. Try new things and start off on the right foot with activities and academics


Don’t be afraid to be open-minded and go outside your comfort zone!

It’s really not as bad of a transition as you think. You can do it. You’re more well-prepared than most and more than you know.

Get involved.  Don’t be shy. Talk to anyone and everyone. Complete your homework well and find a circle of friends.

Get used to people who are different from you because they’re going to become your classmates.

Become a leader.

Get organized.

Take these years seriously! Work hard now so it won’t be a problem later in high school. Push through and make it happen because this is when your grades count. Don’t mess it up before you even begin.

Just be confident about who you are and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.


Get involved in your high school as soon as possible, and have a strong relationship with God. It is the most important thing you can take with you because that is the one thing which has helped me conquer my first semester and now my second.

Try your hardest no matter how hard it gets. Make sure you don’t give up your faith throughout the years. There will be people tempting you along the way but you have to resist it.

Do your algebra homework! Get involved in lots of activities. Keep the faith!

Have fun, make friends, and remember God.

Congratulations to the Class of 2016 as they move on to high school, and to the Class of 2019 as they enter Middle School at BCS!

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