“Our family has 3 children that attended BCS all the way through from K-8th grade, and currently have a middle school student still attending. We have had a wonderful experience from start to finish- great teachers who truly seek the best for each student as individuals and who model Christ-like character everyday, solid academic programs that prepared them well for high school and beyond, and an amazing community of fellow parents who support and care about each other. We are so thankful for BCS!” – Amy A.


“We moved a lot when our kids were young and we were nervous about having our daughter start ANOTHER school. BCS was very welcoming. Beyond the great teachers and academics, the Christian community is amazing. 11 years later, 2 graduates and one more to go, we still love everything BCS has to offer!” – Debbie J.


“My family has been a part of the BCS community for the past 11 years. I’m thankful each day as my kids head off to school that they are educated by incredibly knowledgeable and loving teachers, guided by an exceptional administrator, and surrounded by a warm, supportive, Christian community. I am also confident that as my oldest enters high school next year she is prepared for any new challenges that come her way. Thank you BCS!” – Emily W.


“Brookfield Christian provides excellent academics, Christ-centered education, and an amazing community of students, teachers, and parents. Our children love their school!” – Shelly H.


“I love the community at BCS. The faculty fosters a loving and caring environment for students and their families. They not only help students to succeed academically but help grow them in their love and knowledge of God.” – Jen B. 


“Schools really don’t get much better than this!! The commitment to teaching so well amazes me every day. But the best part, is seeing my girls grow in their faith through all that they learn and experience in school. BCS truly is a special place and an incredible, unique community. There is nothing like it!” – Shelly D. 



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