“You and your staff have done a phenomenal job of teaching her about Jesus and setting her up with the tools that she needs to succeed.” – a BCS Parent

- a BCS parent

“Moving to Wisconsin was worth it even if it was just to have [our daughter] at BCS. You can find a good education anywhere but BCS has the spiritual side and I see my daughter growing here.” – a BCS Parent

- A BCS Parent

“The faculty, staff and administration are living, breathing hands and feet of Jesus. I am so thankful they are there to support and grow [my child].”

- a BCS parent

“BCS does an excellent job of relating biblically based examples into students’ everyday lives and helping them grow as Christian leaders. BCS also provides a phenomenal education experience for my child. His teacher demonstrates true care and concern for each child.”

- a BCS parent

“It is really a privilege to have been able to send our children to BCS. There is just something different about the atmosphere that promotes an unconditional, accepting Christian environment from kindergarten through 8th grade. BCS acknowledges that we are all unique and we all have a way to serve and honor our Lord with the gifts he has given to us. Christ’s love is presented as a gift to all. How better to go out into today’s world, than with this knowledge and understanding which helps students become successful in all that life may offer?”

- A BCS parent

“An unexpected blessing from our time at BCS has been the wonderful, life-giving friendships made along the way. There is no community better! My faith has grown so much from these ladies and many others at BCS. Through their examples, encouragement and conversations, they challenge me to live out my faith.”

- A mother of three alumni

“Brookfield Christian School is an exceptional school. We sent our first two boys to BCS, but lived very far away so thought we would try a different School for our 3rd son. We missed BCS so much we had to come back! BCS puts God first AND is exceptional academically. Most importantly (in addition to teaching about our wonderful Savior) they build character and morals in every child; they build character that will remain with them for a lifetime! After trying out other schools, which just didn’t compare, we are now sending our third son there despite having to drive far to do it. The Teachers at BCS gear their teaching to the needs of each individual child as much as possible, which, I have personal experience with this as my son needed just that. No school is perfect, but BCS is as close as it gets!” – a current BCS parent

- a current BCS parent

“We recently switched our youngest to BCS and have fallen in love with this school! The caring environment, the emphasis on kindness, and the amazing academics have helped our child to thrive. Would recommend BCS to anyone who needs a different fit for their child. It’s been the best thing for our son and for us to be enveloped in the BCS community!” – a current BCS parent

- a current BCS parent

“All 5 of my kids go here. It’s not just a school, it’s a community of caring believers. While the academics are excellent, it’s more the day in and day out of how the staff treats our children that we love. The school is great at giving feedback in a manner that is positive and helps our kids mature and grow in God.” – a current BCS parent


“Our four children attend BCS. We could not ask for a better partner in our efforts to educate our children and raise them in faith. All that they do and how they do it is purposeful. We are always amazed when we see the students that graduate from BCS and see what they achieve in high school, college and beyond – their academic achievements are impressive and the differences they are making in the world are meaningful. There is also something unique and special about the community within BCS. We are grateful for the friends we’ve made and grateful for the friends our children have made. We are also extremely grateful for the administrator, the staff and the faculty who all pour into our kids each school day. It really is a very special place.” – a current BCS parent

- a current BCS parent

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