Students in 3K classWe know how important it is for a child’s first formal learning experience to be a positive one.  At BCS, students are introduced to our curriculum and begin learning in a safe and fun environment. Our Early Education program was developed to lay the groundwork for greater learning in years to come. From the beginning, we help children see that faith and learning go hand in hand. We teach children that they are uniquely created by God and encourage them to discover their different abilities and talents. Our dedicated teachers love working with children as they begin to explore and experience the world around them. We also strive to develop a strong partnership with parents and families which leads to academic, social, physical and spiritual growth for each child.

3K Schedule:

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 8:15 a.m. to 12:00 p.m (time for lunch included)

3K Curriculum

In 3K, having fun while learning is a big priority. We feel children learn more and will retain more when they are enjoying what they are doing, so our curriculum involves activities that get the children moving and exploring. Hands-on learning allows the children to experience and develop the senses that God has given them.  They will take field trips and enjoy special celebrations, as well as learn about different animals, community workers, space and how things grow.  Students will be exposed to the written word daily through stories, large group teaching and class writing activities geared specifically for preschoolers.

Throughout the school year, students will develop skills such as:

  • identifying colors, shapes, numbers and letters
  • recognizing patterns
  • finding similarities and differences between items
  • comprehending measurement and estimation
  • making predictions
  • sharing, compromising, and following directions

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