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Posted on: September 20th, 2018

At the start of every school year, I enjoy walking around the school, looking at the hallways and poking my head into classrooms as teachers prepare, and seeing the fresh, creative ideas they have used to decorate their rooms and make them a welcoming learning environment.  Often, many teachers take the theme for the year and turn it into a bulletin board or use another concept that they would like to emphasize and make it the focal point of a visual display. This year is no different. The theme for this year, “Stand Up and Be the Example,” is prevalent on many walls as are other ideas centered around our value as unique individuals loved by God.

Yet what makes our education different from others is not simply words and ideas placed on walls.  Instead, we take the words off the walls and make them part of an intentional effort to connect our faith directly with our learning.  Weaving our throughlines, ten faith “connection points,” into our teaching and learning discussions and activities enables us to integrate faith more seamlessly into our content areas.

BCS Faith Throughlines


Discerning and Applying Knowledge

Imagining Possibilities

Seeking Wisdom

Exploring and Creating Beauty


Cultivating Community

Pursuing Justice

Restoring Relationships


Caring for Creation

Serving Others

Worshipping God

These faith throughlines serve as a reminder of what we are truly trying to teach our students as we encourage them to look at life through the lens of faith as Christians.  When done well, students realize that learning about math, science, social studies, language, or any of the other subject areas, is more than just learning for the sake of learning.  The knowledge and insights gained are not separate or implemented in isolation from our faith. Rather, students understand that what they learn is to be used to further God’s kingdom and that they are called to be difference makers in his world.

As we go through this and every school year, our goal for our students is that they will internalize and embody this concept of making our faith a living, active, connected faith that impacts our everyday lives and the community and world in which we live.


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