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Posted on: December 24th, 2018

The mission of Brookfield Christian School is to offer a Christ-centered education that prepares students to learn, to lead, and to serve faithfully in God’s world.  Throughout the year,  we provide opportunities for students to serve with their fellow classmates.

students posing with blessing bags

Before Christmas break, the first grade class took on a service project to impact our local homeless community, collecting items and making “blessing bags” filled with essential items to be distributed to those in need.   The students took ownership of the project and were excited to see how their efforts made a difference. The first graders began by making signs to hang in the hallways of BCS advertising their plan and goal.

The class collected and sorted items for 2 weeks and then assembled the blessing bags. Their 5th grade buddies from Mr.Vander Vliet’s class helped. The students formed an assembly line with students stationed around the room filling the bags with a particular item, while others walked around with a gallon sized storage bag collecting each item, and still others packing the finished bags into boxes. It didn’t take long for the class to make up 80 blessing bags!

assembling blessing bags

The 1st grade students also wrote cards to go in the bags. They wrote very sweet and heartfelt messages. The class has been been praying for the homeless and that their bags would truly be a blessing to whomever received them. Along with the 80 bags for the homeless, they also collected a box of basic necessities including extra items leftover, 2 boxes filled with baby and children’s clothes and necessities, a box of hats, scarves, gloves, and socks for men and women, a garbage bag full of blankets, and a garbage bag full of coats.

boxes of donated supplies

After completing the project the kids reflected on what they had learned. Here are some of their responses:

“Even though we are young, we can be an example.”

“It took a lot of teamwork and getting others to help us to make it work and help more homeless people.”

“People who live close by need help, not just people in far away places.”

“Giving and serving is fun and it makes you feel good.”

“I am thankful God used us to help others. He knows what everyone needs”

1st graders and 5th graders making blessing bags

The assembled blessing bags and supplies will be handed out to the homeless living on the streets in Milwaukee. The class partnered with a former BCS teacher who initiated a donation drive to help the homeless community this Christmas.  She and a group of family, friends, and church members will deliver the supplies along with the other donations she has received. Not only will the bags and winter clothes and blankets be given out, but time will be given to talk with the homeless people, hear their story, and pray with them (if they would like). After handing out supplies, remaining items will be delivered to the Hope Center in Waukesha.

Thank you to everyone who made a contribution. It was a joy to see the first graders get so excited to serve!


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