Low or No-Mess Activities for Little Hands

Posted on: January 5th, 2018

Brr!  Its cold, and that means lots of time inside, and the usual toys are getting old.  Need some creative activities that won’t have you wasting time on major clean-up?  Try some of these road-tested options:

  • Have them draw a picture or write a letter to grandparents or a neighbor.
  • See how many different kinds of animals they can spot in the backyard through the window (if it’s really cold, this might be a little challenging). Keep a tally on a whiteboard or a piece of paper on the fridge.
  • If you’re up for a little disorder, build a couch fort!  Check out some of the tutorials you can find on Pinterest, like this one.  Or create a tunnel out of your dining chairs and a sheet, and use a few strands of Christmas lights to make it even more fun!
  • Print a few Snowman Bingo cards and pay a few games using mini marshmallows for markers.
  • If you have a balloon, tape a plastic spoon or wooden spoon to a paper plate for a”racket” and have your child practice keeping the balloon afloat, or you can grab one too and play “balloon tennis” with the balloon.

Find few more activities and ideas on our Winter Fun Pinterest board.


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