The BCS Buddy Bench

Posted on: March 27th, 2017
The BCS Buddy Bench

Earlier this year, our first graders were having a discussion about living out our Christian faith, and a “Buddy Bench” was an idea that they really got passionate about. The idea is that students who don’t have anyone to play with, who are having a bad day or maybe who aren’t getting along with their normal friends can go sit on the Buddy Bench. Other kids on the playground would keep an eye on the bench, and would hopefully go over to invite kids sitting there to play.  A school family generously donated a bench to be used, and it’s ready to go on the playground!

The first graders prepared a script and then went to the other elementary classes to explain the concept and get others on board with the Buddy Bench.  (Our K-5th grade students have recess together.) They even visited the Middle School classes to talk about it!  If you’d like to learn more about Buddy Benches, check out this site. This slide show is a great resource that goes over some of the expectations for the kids sitting on the bench.  We’re excited to see how kids respond to the BCS Buddy Bench!


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