Mr. Ryan Dekker

Eighth Grade Homeroom, Middle School Bible, Social Studies, Physical Education

The 1994-95 school year brought Ryan Dekker to BCS. Since that time, he has been an integral part of our middle school staff, presently teaching 6th-8th grade Social Studies, Physical Education, and 7th and 8th grade Bible. “I love the opportunity to have devotions and spiritually grow with these middle school kids. The one-on-one environment is great for both teacher and child.”

Ryan has focused working with middle school kids because he really likes their enthusiasm and the many changes kids this age are going through. “…to move with the changes is a challenge I enjoy.”

Mr. Dekker is a Sheboygan native, and graduated from Calvin College with a BA in English and Secondary Education, and a minor in Social Studies. In addition to being a husband and father of 3 children, Ryan pursues his varied hobbies in woodworking, sports and the “Wild West” in his spare time. Ryan’s commitment to BCS, and his sincere interest in his students is evident by watching him interact with them on a daily basis. “I have grown up with Christian education in my life, and relish the opportunity to return a little of what I was taught in that environment.”

Mr. Dekker’s Mission Statement

“As a covenant Christian and middle school teacher, I have been called by God to this position and this point in my life. Acknowledging this, I am first of all accountable to God for what I do. I understand that all that I do is to be returned for praise and glory to God, who is in charge.

“James 1 constantly reminds me that I must not only read and learn from God’s word, but also do what God’s word tells me. It is an important responsibility to mirror God’s image by being an example to the students I teach. My role is to teach them by the way I conduct myself in life, as well as through academic endeavors and books.

“I believe it is my role to give back something to Christian education, as I have been a student of it my entire life. I saw the dedication that was used in those times, and consider myself fortunate to be placed in a position to give back that dedication in my teaching. I cannot put into words what Christian education has done for me, and I am very privileged to have had it from kindergarten through college. Now I believe it is my responsibility to use my upbringing to nurture and educate children:

“It is comforting to know that this work in training God’s children in the way they should go is not done individually, but done as a team. I am only one part of that team. I am responsible to work with the administrator of the school and the School Board to carry out the goals of this institution.

“I am working with the parents to train the child to go down the path of righteousness, and I understand I am not fighting the Lord’s battle alone. I have an army and a training core, which is very comforting and reassuring to me.

“In conclusion, I have one mission: to do the will of Him who sent me. It is at this point in my life where I feel I am accomplishing this mission.”

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