Mrs. Ellen Kellogg

Early Education Aide

Mrs. Ellen Kellogg taught one of our 4K classes from 2016-2018 and will now stay on as a 4K Aide. She has previously served as an aide in our Early Ed program, and taught at Our Redeemer Lutheran School. Mrs. Kellogg attended UW-Madison and has a BA in Early Childhood Education and a minor in Social Studies from Mount Mary College. She is a parent of current BCS students, and when she’s not working Mrs. Kellogg enjoys getting outdoors with her family, swimming, journaling and playing violin.

One of Mrs. Kellogg’s favorite verses is Proverbs 3:6 – “In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your path.” She says, “this verse is a daily reset button for me as I keep my eyes on Christ, my anchor, redeemer and song. Keeping scripture at the forefront during all seasons of life time, brings perspective to my life that only God’s living word can do.”

Mrs. Kellogg’s Mission Statement:

“As a teacher I strive to create opportunities for young children to discover, problem solve, imagine and express their uniqueness. Guiding children to build on successes, help them to overcome failure and seek new and different strategies is what I love doing. Using music as a means to teach young children is an exciting process for me and I love using music through out many aspects of the school day. Nurturing the faith of 4 year olds is the greatest privilege of working in the classroom.”

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