AT BROOKFIELD CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, WE STRIVE to provide our students with a high quality education with a Christian perspective. This means integrating into each subject area our firm belief that Jesus Christ is Lord, Redeemer and King. Since this world belongs to God, education at BCS is focused on reflecting the order and beauty He created, on giving our students a real understanding about how sin has affected the world, and on teaching them how to live in obedience to God, and praise Him for His goodness and His grace. At Brookfield Christian School, each of our subject areas is reviewed on a regular basis by teachers and by the Education Committee to establish specific goals and objectives. Textbooks and materials are chosen from several different publishers in order to provide a well-rounded curriculum that meets the needs of our students and reflects current trends in education.

All students at BCS are exposed to Bible teaching every day, with classes lasting 20-40 minutes, depending on grade level. Our materials are published by Christian Schools International. Students are assigned memory work throughout the year. During the course of their education at BCS, a student will go through the Bible approximately three times, with the materials presented in general chronological order.

At BCS, we acknowledge God as the Creator of the world. All of our science classes are taught from this perspective. We also prepare our students to understand the theory of evolution that is popular in our culture. Our science textbook materials are published by Silver Burdett-Ginn Company, Scott Foresman, and Prentice Hall. We also use FOSS materials and incorporate hands-on learning for students in the classroom.

Students in Grades K-3 use Singapore Math, and grades 4-5 will be phased in by 2016.  Grades 4 and 5 currently use Everyday Math.  The Singapore Math method places a strong emphasis on problem solving, model drawing, clear explanations of math concepts, and teaching mathematics through concepts from concrete to pictorial and eventually abstract. It teaches fewer topics at a time, in greater depth, until mastered both technically and with a complete understanding of all the “whys”.   Sixth graders currently use the Prentice Hall Mathematics Common Core Course 1 for 6th and seventh grade uses Course 2.  Eighth graders who had a B+ or better in 7th grade may take Algebra (Pearson Algebra 1 Common Core).

Social Studies
Our curriculum encompasses the study of people around us, and includes history, geography and government. The materials and textbooks for the lower grades are published by MacMillan-McGraw-Hill. Our eighth graders study government, primarily focusing on the United States, with materials from Christian Schools International. Our teachers incorporate into all of the topic areas, God’s plan for man, and how we can be effective citizens in the world He gave us.

Exposure to penmanship begins at the Kindergarten level, as the children learn to write individual letters that they have learned. Formal penmanship classes begin at the first grade level and continue through the third grade. All classes are taught using the Zaner Bloser system, with the introduction to cursive writing beginning in second grade.

Language Arts
At BCS, we strive to teach our students reading, writing, phonics, word study, and oral expression with a balanced approach. Phonics and word study are important components. We focus on using quality literature along with a basal reader published by Pearson-Scott Foresman to guide reading. Writing is also an integral part of our balanced approach. Middle School students take part in a literature class, using anthologies published by Prentice-Hall. Students in 1st through 8th grade participate in the Accelerated Reader (AR) program, which encourages independent reading practice.

Beginning in the 1st grade, all of our students learn grammar, punctuation and usage through their reading and writing activities. Materials published by Houghton-Mifflin are used for English. These are also supplemented by our Daily Oral Language program in grades 1 through 5.  Daily language exercises require students to evaluate several sentences written on the board and make corrections in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Students in grades 1-5 have Spanish twice per week. The focus is communication centered around various themes. Sixth grade Spanish meets 3 times per week, and 7th & 8th graders have Spanish four times per week.  Materials are published by Holt Rinehart. The focus is interpersonal communication, cultural learning and comparisons, and some interdisciplinary connections.

Grades 1 through 5 use materials from the reading curriculum, high frequency words, and materials published by Zaner Bloser Company. The middle school also uses materials published by Zaner Bloser. The 5th through 8th graders participate in a spelling competition that includes several other districts.

Physical Education
Students in grades K through 8 have PE twice per week. This time is used to learn sports skills, coordination, aerobic exercise, fitness and sportsmanship. Students participate in the Presidential Physical Fitness Program.

Our music program is designed to teach students to appreciate music, read music, expose them to different kinds of music, and to use their musical talents to praise God. Kindergartners have music once a week, and grades 1 through 5 enjoy the class twice a week. All students participate in two concerts a year, held at the school. The middle school students participate as a combined choir, and have an opportunity to perform during school hours in a variety of community settings. Students have an opportunity to take part in a music festival, with other students from around the state. At this festival students are judged in vocal solos and ensembles, and instrumental solos and ensembles. The festival concludes with a concert of mass bands and choirs.

Beginning at the fourth grade level, students are able to take part in the band program. For an additional fee, individual or group lessons are available, with the opportunity for students to participate in a beginners band, intermediate band or middle school band.

String Instruments
BCS provides students with an opportunity to work with a strings instrument teacher. The string ensemble performs at our school programs.

Resource Room
BCS has a full-time staff member in place to aid students who need extra help. A student is referred to the Resource Room by their classroom teacher after a parent consultation. The student may be given an achievement test and/or a reading inventory evaluation. Based on the assessment of the testing and classroom performance, the student may qualify for services. This may include assistance studying for tests, help with understanding and completing math, reading, and other content assignments given by the classroom teacher. Other students may require an alternative curriculum in math and reading, and therefore spend more of their day in the resource room.