We believe your children are a special gift from God! We strive to be your partner in training them to be servants in His Kingdom.  Our teachers will nurture and guide your children, providing many positive learning experiences during the school year.

Kindergarten is a year of incredible growth and development, both socially and academically.  We work to maintain a balance of work and play, of individual and group activities. Children are challenged at their level of ability and given varied opportunities for play, which is an intellectually stimulating activity.

BCS provides its Kindergarten students with information and experiences which will lead them to realize that God knows and cares for them.  Students learn that they are living in God’s world.  Children and teachers together form a classroom community as part of the body of Christ where children learn the value of serving by sharing, obeying, and working cooperatively in a secure and loving Christian environment.

In addition to the regular academic curriculum, Kindergarten students participate in art, computer, physical education and music class each week.  

Kindergarten Schedule:

The class meets Monday through Thursday, from 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. with optional Enrichment Days on Fridays.