Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Our teachers and staff provide Christian examples for your children every day.  Our teachers are dedicated to helping your child do their best in the classroom and to partnering with you to shape their faith and character while your child is at BCS.

Mr. Kevin Vos Principal/Administrator
Mrs. Renee Adams 3K Teacher
Mrs. Jane Bylsma 4K Teacher
Mrs. Ellen Kellogg 4K Teacher
Mrs. Bridget Patch Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Tricia Snoeyink Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Kristin Finn First Grade Teacher
Mrs. Dawn Otten Second Grade Teacher
Ms. Gale Pearson Third Grade Teacher
Mr. Tim Ringenoldus Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Kelli Durant Fourth Grade Teacher
Mr. Mike Vander Vliet Fifth Grade Teacher
Ms. Suzanne Smith Middle School
Mr. Mike Buteyn Middle School
Mr. Ryan Dekker Middle School
Mrs. Heidi TeWinkel Middle School
Ms. Janelle Barnett Resource Teacher
Mrs. Steph Buteyn Art & Physical Education Teacher
Ms. Melissa Goorhouse Spanish Teacher & Library Coordinator
Mrs. Tammy Bremer Technology Teacher
Mrs. Jane Foerster Band Teacher
Mrs. Susan Slaber Band Teacher
Mrs. Laurie Smith Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Lani Knutson Music Teacher
Mrs. Karaline Huenink Curriculum Coordinator
Mrs. Liz Fox Instructional Aide
Mrs. Daviann Braatz Early Education Aide
Mrs. Anne Chung Early Education Aide
Mrs. Tana Mews Early Education Aide

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