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As your children grow physically, we strive to challenge them spiritually and intellectually to discover and develop their God-given abilities. BCS intentionally integrates faith with learning in all disciplines of our curriculum. Students are taught to view all of life and learning through the prism of God’s Word and to strive to glorify Him in all applications of their gifts and talents. As classroom bonds and educational challenges grow from year to year, our students are taught to respond appropriately as members of a loving Christian community and challenged to reflect the love of Christ to each other.

Elementary School Curriculum

BCS offers an academically strong core curriculum along with a variety of extra-curricular opportunities including music, drama and sports to help students explore and develop the full spectrum of their unique, God-given gifts and talents. We develop leadership opportunities in the classroom, through group work, Reading Buddies, Unity Groups and in various activities throughout the year. We provide a variety of opportunities for hands-on learning through service to others, so students are able to put their faith into action. 

Our language arts curriculum incorporates both creative and analytical writing that increases in complexity each academic year. Our science and math programs place a heavy emphasis on analytical thinking and practical, hands-on applications of skills introduced. Spanish is introduced in Kindergarten, and students who continue on through 8th grade usually place into Spanish 2 in high school. Elementary students enjoy art class, computer class, music and physical education. In 4th Grade, students are given the opportunity to participate in band. Our 5th graders begin participation school-wide and statewide speech and spelling competitions.


Curriculum published by Christian Schools International (CSI) takes students through an in-depth study of the Old and New Testaments and focuses on the biblical storyline of creation, fall, and redemption. Bible verse memorization, devotional and/or praise and worship time and prayer are incorporated throughout the school day.  Application of our faith throughlines ensures our faith is evident in all areas of learning, not just in Bible class.


Students in Grades K-5 use Singapore Math. The Singapore Math method places a strong emphasis on problem solving, model drawing, and clear explanations of concepts.  A foundation is laid by teaching mathematical concepts starting with concrete examples and moving eventually to pictorial and abstract problems. It teaches fewer topics at a time, in greater depth, until they are mastered both technically and with a complete understanding of the foundational math skills.


We acknowledge God as the Creator of the world. Our science classes are taught from this perspective and serve as the foundation for age-appropriate discussions about a wide variety of topics (evolution, dinosaurs, etc.) that our students will encounter in our culture. We use FOSS (Full Option Science System) materials for our science investigations as a way to incorporate hands-on learning for students.

Language Arts

Students participate in a writer’s workshop approach to writing, placing the skills learned directly into the context of writing. Daily Language Reviews and Daily Grammar Practice are used to develop grammar and mechanics. Formal penmanship classes begin in first grade level and continue through third grade. Cursive is introduced in second grade, and refined in third grade. Elementary students use materials from the reading curriculum, high frequency words, and materials published by Zaner Bloser Company for spelling instruction. Students in fifth grade also participate in a spelling competition.

Social Studies

Our curriculum encompasses the study of people around us, and includes history, geography and government. Teachers incorporate discussions about current events and how we can be effective citizens in the world God gave us. Scholastic News magazine is used to cover a variety of current events and topics.

Foreign Language

Students in grades K-5 have Spanish twice per week. The focus is on communication and is centered around various themes. Students become accustomed to basic Spanish greetings and conversations, numbers, colors, likes and dislikes, foods, animals, sports and recreational activities, and many other useful words and phrases. In addition, students explore Spanish culture. Students learn a variety of songs and games that originated in Spanish-speaking countries.


We teach our students with a balanced literacy approach. Phonics and word study are important components of this approach as well as learning various strategies to aid comprehension. Within the framework of reader’s workshop, we focus on using chapter books, picture books and other texts that correspond to a student’s reading level to target instruction and guide student growth and learning.


Our goal is to meaningfully integrate technology into student learning.  To do this, we lay a foundation for future success in the early grades that includes typing skills and learning the basics of the Google suite of programs (Docs, Sheets, Forms, etc.). Those skills, along with what it means to be a responsible digital citizen, continue to be utilized and reinforced throughout the grade levels.  Our IDEA Lab lends itself to a variety of STEM activities that includes both hands-on and digital learning opportunities.

Phys Ed

Students have PE twice per week. This time is used to learn sports skills, coordination, aerobic exercise, fitness, team play and sportsmanship. Students in grades 3-8 also participate in the Presidential Physical Fitness Program.


We strive to inspire a lifelong appreciation of art and encourage students to use their gifts to glorify God. Students learn to create and respond to art in the context of art appreciation, art history, and production of artwork including drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture.  Teachers help students further develop their art skills, vocabulary, and creativity.


Students learn to appreciate and read different kinds of music, and to use their musical talents to praise God. Students learn how to perform in front of others through participation in our Christmas and Spring Concerts. Beginning in fourth grade, students have the option to take part in the band program.