Kindergarten kids workingKindergarten is a year of incredible growth and development, both socially and academically.  We work to maintain a balance of work and play, of individual and group activities. While still allowing time for students to engage in activities that promote social and developmental growth, lessons in Kindergarten become more academic.  A strong emphasis is placed on providing a strong foundation in math and literacy.

In the context of the classroom community, students learn more about their place in this world and their relationship to God and others.  They not only learn academically, but they also learn the value of serving by sharing and working cooperatively with one another.

Kindergarten Schedule:

The class meets Monday through Thursday, from 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. with optional Enrichment Days on Fridays.


Kindergarten Curriculum


Art and Music | We have art in the art room once per week, and incorporate art into the regular schedule, as well.  Our art projects correlate with other subjects.  Activities involve a variety of materials and include cutting, pasting, drawing, and painting. Music is incorporated into every day activities, and includes singing rhythms, listening, mystical games and activities. The class also visits the music room for music class twice per week.

Bible | Students learn stories from both Old and New Testaments.  Stories include Creation to Noah, the Patriarchs, the Israelites, the Kings of Israel, the Prophets, Christmas and Jesus’ birth, Christ’s death and resurrection, Christ’s Ascension and Pentecost.

Computer | Kindergarten students use computers within the classroom to reinforce skills taught in math and reading, and work on Spanish vocabulary in Spanish class.  The students enjoy computer class in the lab once per week beginning second semester.  The software is wholesome and encourages students to play constructively and learn actively.

Mathematics | Beginning in Kindergarten, students use Singapore Math.  Sections include: matching and string, number sense, order, shapes, patterns, length and size, weight, capacity, comparing sets, number bonds, addition and subtraction, time and money.

Physical Education | Children explore movement possibilities, refine skills with games and learn fitness movements.

Reading Readiness | Students enjoy books and literature as they develop the skills and enthusiasm for reading that can ensure their success as beginning readers. We use Scott Foresman Reading Street for our language arts curriculum.

Social Studies and Science | Through various units of study we create an awareness and of and an appreciation for our families and the larger community, seasonal events and other pertinent topics.

Spanish | Students are introduced to Spanish and become accustomed to basic Spanish greetings, numbers, colors, foods, animals, and many other useful words and phrases.

Additional activities include field trips, the Christmas grant, nursery rhyme performances, special celebrations, activities with Reading Buddies and Child of the Week activities.


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