Middle School

middle school studentMiddle school can be a challenging time for any student. While it’s a season of many physical and emotional changes, it’s also a time for students to personalize their faith in Christ. Brookfield Christian School doesn’t just give students in middle school a first-rate academic preparation for high school; it also gives them a strong sense of self and helps them to learn who they are in Christ, so they can deal with the issues of the real world.

Caring and committed Christian teachers serve as role models for the students, helping to reinforce how God fits into everything they do, from education to their social life.

Preparing Students for Success

We are confident that we are not only preparing our middle schoolers for high school, but also for a place in God’s kingdom.

  • BCS students frequently place into Honors level classes freshman year and beyond
  • Approximately half of BCS grads are able to take Spanish 2 as high school freshmen
  • In national standardized testing, BCS 6th graders scored at a 9th grade level, and outgoing 8th graders scored at a 12th grade level
  • BCS graduates were National Merit Award recipients in 2006 & 2013
  • Eight BCS graduates have been valedictorians at Milwaukee Lutheran High School since 2006, and two have been MLHS salutatorians since 2005
  • BCS alumni can be found in leadership roles on their athletic teams, clubs and service organizations, and in their youth groups

Middle School CurriculumMiddle School Student reading

We provide a challenging curriculum to prepare students to excel academically in high school and beyond.  In addition to our core curriculum, we provide a variety of extra-curricular opportunities including music, drama and sports to help students explore and develop the full spectrum of their unique, God-given gifts and talents.  We develop leadership opportunities in the classroom, through Student Council, Chapel Committee, Unity Groups and in various activities throughout the year. Service opportunities, including packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child, serving at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission, and more are incorporated throughout the school year.

Art | Middle school students have art class once per week. Students are challenged to work in different art styles with a variety of media to develop creativity and explore God’s world.  One of our faith throughlines is “exploring and creating beauty” – the Art Room is one place they can do that! Themes build on what they learned throughout their elementary years.  Students learn about different artists, their forms and styles of art, and the historical context of the artwork.

Bible | All students at BCS receive direct instruction in Bible teaching at all grade levels. The curriculum, published by Christian Schools International, takes students through an in-depth study of the Old and New Testaments and focuses on the biblical storyline of creation, fall, and redemption and the people and events that are part of the storyline.  Middle school is an important time in a student’s faith formation, and we recognize the importance of giving our students the opportunity to own their faith.  We provide a variety of opportunities for hands-on learning through service to others, so students are able to put their faith into action. Bible verse memorization, devotional and/or praise and worship time and prayer are incorporated throughout the school day.  Faith throughlines were developed to ensure that incorporating our faith is taking place in all areas of learning, not just in Bible class.

Mathematics | In middle school, students use textbooks published by Pearson. The courses cover mathematical concepts including decimals, integers, use of exponents, ratios and proportions, and an introduction to algebraic thinking.  Seventh grade students are placed into 7th Grade Math or Accelerated 7th Grade Math. Eighth grade students take one of two courses, depending on their math readiness. Students ready to progress straight into algebra use a high school freshman-level algebra book published by Pearson. They have the opportunity to participate in a math triathlon in the spring. As an alternative, students in pre-algebra may begin with a refresher of skills that need be strengthened and then move into the same algebra textbook as the other group.

Music and Band | Our general music program is designed to teach students to appreciate and read music, to expose them to different kinds of music, and to use their musical talents to praise God. In addition, middle school students participate in choir and perform at our Christmas and spring concerts.  They have an opportunity to display their talents at our local Music Fest, a competition where students are judged on individual and/or group performances.

Middle school students are able to take part in the band program.  Individual lessons during the school day are available for a fee.  Band students will perform its the middle school band in the Christmas and spring concerts, and occasionally in the community.  Band students may also showcase their talents at Music Fest.

Physical Education | Students have PE twice per week. Sixth graders have PE together as a combined class  In seventh and eighth grades, the classes are split into 7/8 girls and 7/8 boys.  The focus of PE at this age level is on refining skills that are used in team sports.

Reading & Literature | With a goal of cultivating a “reading life” by emphasizing reading skills and literary concepts, our reader’s workshop approach to teaching reading allows for student choice and encourages reading volume.  With novels studied as a class, students also learn to analyze and discuss a shared text.

Science | We acknowledge God as the Creator of the world. All of our science classes are taught from this perspective and serve as the foundation for discussions about a wide variety of topics that our students will encounter in our culture. We use the Prentice Hall Science Explorer series. The series covers the major areas of Science: Life Science, Earth Science/Space Science and Physical Science/Chemistry. The courses include a number of hands-on activities and labs to engage students.

Social Studies & History | Sixth grade students explore world history, geography and culture, covering the time period from the ancient Mesopotamians to the World Wars.  Seventh graders take an in-depth look at the history of the United States, starting with the American Revolution into the 20th Century.  In eighth grade, students study civics to learn about the United States government and its functions before delving into world geography. Throughout middle school, current events are incorporated into the curriculum.  Middle school students also have the opportunity to participate in the Geography Bee.

Spanish | Students meet four times per week in middle school.  The texts used are the most urgent editions of ¡Avancemos! 1a and 1b, published by Houghton Mifflin.  The focus is on reaching the novice-mid or novice-high proficiency level in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students also study the culture of Spanish-speaking communities around the world and in the United States.  Themes include describing people and places, talking about the school and home, likes and dislikes, going shopping and to a restaurant, health and fitness, using technology, taking  vacation, daily activities and future plans. The middle school Spanish curriculum is the equivalent of one year of high school Spanish, and most middle school students place into Spanish II in high school their freshman year.

Technology | Middle school  students receive instruction in using technology 1-2 times per week depending on the age level. They practice typing skills and learn how to use various programs as well as what it means to be a responsible digital citizen.  Students have access to Chromebooks and iPads in addition to the tech lab, and are instructed on how to navigate and utilize Google Drive and Google Docs.

Writing & Language Arts | We use a writer’s workshop approach to writing, allowing students to use the skills they learn directly in the context of writing to produce works such as narratives, research-based expository papers, autobiographies, and persuasive pieces. Grammar practice is incorporated into the writing block as well. Students participate in a speech festival each fall to practice and improve public speaking skills. Middle school spelling materials are published by Zaner Bloser.  The goal of spelling instruction is to expand student understanding of language beyond simple recall. The 5th – 8th graders participate in a spelling competition that includes several other districts.

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