Student Support

BCS has a dedicated and multi-disciplinary support team that offers support services in a variety of areas, including academics, behavior, social-emotional and executive functioning. The level of support a student needs is determined by a team including the student’s classroom teacher and instructional aides, the director of student support services, the curriculum coach, and the administrator. This collaborative team reviews multiple data points to inform and create a Student Support Plan (SSP). This plan includes targeted and individualized goals, and if necessary specific accommodations, modifications or special education support structures that will help the student better access curriculum in the classroom setting. Additional testing may be recommended by the team based on the level of need identified. BCS actively partners with local public school special education experts as appropriate.

BCS has a part-time guidance counselor serving grades PreK-8. She makes visits to each classroom several times during the school year, discussing social-emotional issues such as bullying, making positive choices, building relationships, navigating peer dynamics, and more. She advises the middle school students and assists with coordinating social events and scheduling chapel speakers for 6th-8th graders. Individual and group counseling meetings are available. Students may be referred by their classroom teacher or parents.

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