Student Support

BCS has a staff member in place to aid students that need additional academic support.  A student meets with our Resource Teacher after receiving a referral from their classroom teacher, following a parent consultation.  The student may be given an achievement test and/or a reading inventory evaluation.  Based on the assessment of the testing and classroom performance, the student may qualify for Resource Room support.  This may include assistance studying for tests, help with understanding and completing math, reading, and other content assignments given by the classroom teacher.  Other students may require an alternative curriculum in math and reading, and therefore spend more time in the resource room.

BCS has a part-time guidance counselor serving grades PreK-8.  She makes visits to each classroom several times during the school year, discussing social issues such as bullying, making friends, good choices, peer pressure, and more.  She advises the Middle School students and assists with coordinating social events and scheduling chapel speakers for 6th-8th graders.  Individual and group counseling are available. Students may be referred  by their classroom teacher or parents.

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