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Caring for Creation: Earth Day Activities

bees and butterflies flying around purple coneflowers in a garden

One of the BCS throughlines (ways we incorporate our faith into everyday learning) is “Stewardship: Developing and Caring for God’s World.”  At BCS, we are always having conversations about how we can do better as a school in this regard. Students are encouraged to use reusable lunch bags and bring their own refillable water bottles to school. We have recycling containers in each classroom, and have shifted from paper copies of many forms, newsletters and our school directory to online versions. Our students pick up litter from the school grounds and the surrounding property. There is always more we can do.

Are you consciously caring for creation at home? Talk it through as a family, and brainstorm ways you can do better, too. Here are a few suggestions for ways to get your family on board with being good stewards of creation:

1. Shop local.  Visit your local farmer’s market, purchase from a local farmer, and try sourcing a product locally instead of ordering online.

2. Eliminate styrofoam and reduce single-use plastics. You can do this at home and at work. Use a reusable water bottle and a ditch the paper bags for lunch for a reusable lunch box or bag instead. Try beeswax wraps and reusable containers instead of plastic wrap and storage bags. Avoid buying individually-wrapped convenience foods when possible.

3. Conserve water.  Turn off the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth, shorten your showers, etc.

4. Create a compost pile or set up a compost bin.  Learn what can be composted and what can’t. Give your kids the task of tending the compost, and then use the “black gold” to fertilize your plants when it’s ready.

5. Set up a home recycling station. You can do it in the kitchen, the mudroom or garage.  Kids can help crush cans or break down boxes to reduce the amount of space recycled items take up.

6. Use reusable shopping bags. Make sure you have reusable shopping bags in the car and remember to use them!  You can buy nice bags that fold up and can be stored in or snapped onto a purse or backpack. Talk with your kids about ways you can reduce packaging when you’re shopping.

7. Work together on an earth-friendly craft.  Make a seed ball from recycled paper – these would make fun gifts!  Make a bug hotel for creepy crawly creatures. Make a butterfly feeder and put it near a window so you can watch for winged friends to stop by.

8. Plant a garden. Use native plants, and plants that attract bees and butterflies. Plant some herbs or vegetables you can use in your kitchen to avoid going to the store to purchase. There’s nothing better than adding homegrown herbs to finish a dish!

9. Set up a rain barrel or create a rain garden.  Learn more here or visit the Retzer Nature Center where you can learn about water conservation and purchase a rain barrel.

10. Clean up! Do a trash pick-up in your local park or around your neighborhood. Observe what you’re seeing, and talk about ways you can reduce waste.

These are just a few ways to get started. Research local conservation efforts around you, and find ways you can make a difference!


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