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Have Fun With (Summer) Learning

Originally posted on: August 6th, 2017

This post was originally featured as a way to get kids back in the swing of things before school started up again. Now that students are at home unexpectedly for the next month or so, try out some of these activities for some educational fun!

Read the Book, Watch the Movie

If you’re hoping to encourage your kids to open a book and read more but it’s been a struggle, then this might do the trick. Pick out a book that is also a movie and then pick a date for a movie night. To view the movie, they have to read the book. Then, have a family movie night where you watch the movie together.  Since the movie is often a creative interpretation of the book, talk about the differences that you noticed and what you thought was more interesting in the book and what was more interesting in the movie.  Ask your child to be a movie critic and critique how the movie portrayed the book (characters, plot, scenes, imagery, etc.). Make sure to have some popcorn, too!

Dive into a DIY

Find a project for your kids to do and have them follow the step by step instructions online. Pinterest and YouTube are great resources for finding fun project ideas. This allows kids to use a screen but to also create something and learn about how different things are made. You could also have your kids create their own DIY project and publish it online or create a video to share with friends and family.  Cooking and baking are great opportunities to incorporate lessons on science and math, too!  You can develop a meal plan for the week, and incorporate recipes your children can assist with (pancakes, cookies, muffins, or even meatballs, breaded chicken cutlets, etc.).

Photo Hunt

Plan a photo scavenger hunt! Make a list of things for your child to find and ask them to photograph each item with a camera, iPod, smartphone or tablet. This could include items in nature, like a bird, or rock, or tree, or things like patterns, grouped items, etc. Afterward, you could use the photos to create a story or make photo slideshow. 

Screen Time with a Purpose

Encourage your kids to dust off those word processing, graphic design and keyboarding skills! Create flyers for a future rummage sale or lemonade stand.  Research and select a charity as thebeneficiary of funds raised. Create cards for missionaries, soldiers, or first responders. Create a photo book of summer vacation photos for the family to enjoy.

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