Music Festival

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Brookfield Christian School students have an opportunity to take part in a music festival, with other students from around the state. At this festival, students are judged in vocal solos and ensembles, and instrumental solos and ensembles. The festival concludes with a concert highlighting top-rated performances of the day, and a massed band and choir. It’s a beautiful thing to experience.

What is Music Festival?

Brookfield Christian School hosts this major event each Spring, and other Wisconsin Christian Schools (Racine, Oostburg, Delavan, Waupun, Sheboygan, and Randolph) join with us for the yearly event. The day consists of three parts: solo/ensemble; band/choir; and the evening program. There are more than 500 entries in total – what a great day of music!

The solo/ensemble part of the day begins around 8:30AM. Students sing and play their instruments either solo or in small group settings for a judge. The judge gives comments and a rating of *I (very exceptional), I, II, III. This is a great opportunity for students to hear suggestions from “experts” in the field on how to improve their skills. All BCS students are required to be a part of this during their middle school experience.

Students are not required to do an individual or ensemble event, but must perform as part of the BCS choir. Our BCS band and choir perform in the early afternoon. Like the solo/ensemble section, we are also judged and given suggestions to sound our very best. The day progresses after band and choir to large group rehearsals. Large group rehearsals and the evening program will be held at Milwaukee Lutheran High School. This gives the students a chance to participate in large size groups that their own school can’t provide. Imagine singing with hundreds of other voices!! Or, playing in a band with 120 other students! The sounds are glorious.

There is a short break between the last rehearsal and the evening program. Families are encouraged to attend the evening concert. The program begins at 6:30pm (at Milwaukee Lutheran High School) and lasts about one hour, including performances by the massed band and choir, and some of the highest-rated individual and ensemble performances from the day. Parents may take their student home following the concert.

How do you feed hundreds of middle schoolers all day?
Students have the option of bringing a bag lunch or purchasing lunch from concessions (hot dogs, sloppy joes, nachos, etc. will be available). Full concessions will be available from 8am-2pm. Dinner will be served to band kids first, starting at 3-4pm in the lunch room. Choir kids will follow. (We start early because we’re feeding hundreds of kids who need to eat before they head over for the evening concert). A (free) snack will be served there.

What’s going on where?
We utilize several locations for this major event, including our entire school (all of the younger grades head out for all-day field trips), our neighbor, Brookfield Christian Reformed Church, and Milwaukee Lutheran High School. We locate all of the school homerooms at the church in the basement. The rooms are small, so some schools have two rooms. Check signage for individual schools.

A band warm-up room is located on the main floor near the new sanctuary. The band judging area is in the youth room. Choirs may warm-up in the church basement; judging is in the new sanctuary. One Piano judging center will be in the sanctuary during the morning hours. During the morning solo/ensemble times, the youth room and band warm-up room have pianos/keyboards that could be used for warm-ups.

At Brookfield Christian School (BCS), the gym will be used to “hang-out.” Concessions will be sold in the lunchroom next to the gym. With the exception of one piano center, all solo/ensemble centers are located in the school. Most are upstairs, with one Piano center in the Art Room and one Vocal center in the Music Room. The festival office will be located in the school office in the teacher workroom. This will also be the judge’s Hospitality Room. Solo/ensemble results will be posted in the lunchroom at school and in the main tiled hallway area at the church. Results will be posted throughout the morning and afternoon.

Where will solo/ensemble results be posted?
Solo/ensemble results will be posted in the lunchroom at school and in the main tiled hallway area at the church. Results will be posted throughout the morning and afternoon.

What’s at Milwaukee Lutheran High School (MLHS)? Where is it? The mass band and choir rehearsals and evening program will be held at MLHS. Students will leave their belongings in the cafeteria, which is just down the hall from the gym.. Restrooms are located in the gym lobby. MLHS is located at 9700 W. Grantosa Milwaukee. It’s about a 10-20 minutes drive from BCS (depending on the time of day and traffic). Maps will be available from the school office or by clicking on the links above.

What is the schedule for the day?
These times are approximate:
8:00-12:30 Solo/ensemble
12:00-3:30 Band/choir
3:00-3:45 Band kids eat
3:45 Bus to MLHS for band kids
4:15-5:00 Mass Band Rehearsal
3:45 Choir kids eat
4:45 – no later! Bus to MLHS for choir kids
5:15-6:00 Mass Choir Rehearsal
6:30 Evening program at MLHS

This is a huge undertaking – please consider volunteering, and keep us in your prayers during the planning and executing of this event.  See our School Calendar for this year’s Music Festival date.

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