Our students' time in 3K provides a unique opportunity to lay the foundation for a love of school and learning. Through play, storytelling, hands-on exploration and fun, students gain exposure to new skills and knowledge, readying them for lifelong learning.

Students are introduced to our curriculum and begin learning in a safe and fun environment. We begin developing fine motor skills, focusing on proper pencil grip and using Handwriting Without Tears tools. Music and art are woven into the day. Our dedicated teachers love working with children as they begin to explore and experience the world around them. We strive to develop a strong partnership with parents and families which leads to academic, social, physical and spiritual growth for each child.

Each day our children learn to be:

Image bearers of Christ, learning who God is and how He cares for us.  We sing and worship, read God's word and remember scripture together to learn more about our Creator!

Storytellers, as they create, listen to and illustrate stories, expanding their vocabulary, imagination and pre-reading skills.

Mathematicians, exploring mathematical concepts like patterning, sorting, comparing, counting and describing. 

Explorers, learning about God's world and the people in it. We play our way through teacher- and student-led inquiries into topics such as animal habitats, community helpers, and changing seasons. 

Friends, learning to lead and serve one another, share, obey, and work together in a new environment away from home. 

3K Schedule

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 8:15am to 12:00pm (time for lunch included)

3K Curriculum

In 3K, having fun while learning is a big priority. We feel children learn more and will retain more when they are enjoying what they are doing, so our curriculum involves activities that get the children moving and exploring. Hands-on learning allows the children to experience and develop the senses that God has given them.  They will take field trips and enjoy special celebrations, as well as learn about different animals, community workers, space and how things grow.  Students will be exposed to the written word daily through stories, large group teaching and class writing activities geared specifically for preschoolers.

Throughout the school year, students will develop skills such as:
  • identifying colors, shapes, numbers and letters
  • recognizing patterns
  • finding similarities and differences between items
  • comprehending measurement and estimation
  • making predictions
  • sharing, compromising, and following directions

A Typical Day in 3K

Flexibility is the name of the game in preschool.  We work within the plans for the day, but deviate when necessary and when teachable moments come along.  A typical day usually includes the following activities:

  • Centers & Socializing: Children have a chance to play and interact with each other as well as participating in small group and individual activities that coordinate with the week’s theme.
  • Welcome/Story/Activity/Bible Time: We sing, pray, and learning about God and His truths from the Bible.
  • Gym Time: Children participate in large motor activities both outdoors and indoors.
  • Bathroom Break and Alphabet Time: Approximately each week a new letter and sound is introduced to the class.  Follow up activities throughout the day help reinforce the letter that has been introduced. Remember - introduction means being exposed to something new.  Each child will grasp the new information at their own pace.
  • Story/Activity/Bible Time: Stories and activities will be used to reinforce the theme we are focusing on and will bring in math, science,  community learning and God's truths.
  • Snack/Choice Time: Children have a chance to play with toys of their own choice.  During this time children also participate in individual and small group instruction for extra projects/activities.
  • Clean up & Get Ready for Lunch
  • Lunch
  • Goodbyes




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